You make everything possible!

We are moving into our second month of COVID-19 “new normal” activities. As we’ve felt upside down and backwards most days, it amazes me that our last quarter was filled with stories that sound so familiar. The Houston community supports us with donations and volunteers, we spruce up our pantry inside, long-time volunteers step down and new ones step up, and we remain open two days a week.

You can read all about the great things happening in our April newsletter. You won’t find many COVID-19 stories. You will find examples of love and caring, generosity and hard work. We expect our current processes to continue for the foreseeable future, distributing pre-bagged food via drive-through. The Houston Food Bank is having

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struggles of its own, requiring us to purchase food at grocery stores that may not allow bulk purchases.

Our mission has always been to provide stability and consistency to our clients, offering a variety of nutritious staples once every 30 days. Volunteers are helping by picking up donations from Kroger, Aldi and more, giving us our fresh bread and frozen meat. Second Servings of Houston is delivering Trader Joe’s fresh produce weekly. We’re continuing to purchase basic toiletries for each client. Each week, 160 clients receive dry goods, bread, sweets, sandwiches, produce, meat, eggs, toiletries and more.

This is only possible through your support. Thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to email or call – we’re here, we’re open and we’re serving.

Terri Dougherty
Executive Director

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