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Food Distribution

Thursdays 4pm – 6pm
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Food Distribution:

Thursdays 4 pm – 6 pm
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September, 2021 – News From The Pantry

You keep us going!

I hope this finds you and your family healthy and safe. We’re now into our second year of adjusting and one thing is certain:  life is change, and life continues. Early in the pandemic we talked about getting back to normal. Then we discussed the ‘new normal.’ I believe our biggest lesson through this is that we are human and we will always adjust to move forward. Sometimes it’s just more challenging.

We’ve been blessed since 2009 with amazing volunteers and community support. We’ve navigated the ups and downs of the last 17 months with the support from our community – with your physical, monetary and spiritual help. Each week we need more than 45 volunteers to prep and distribute food to our clients, pick up from retailers, handle administrative duties and assist in other ways.

What will tomorrow bring?
We plan to return to indoor client-choice distribution. We’re not quite there, but when we are, we’ll be ready and we’ll continue to keep volunteers and clients safe.

Work from home isn’t happening quite as much and there are more chances to hug our family and friends rather than connecting through Zoom. With more change ahead, we’ll still be here each week. We will continue to offer volunteer opportunities for you to take a break and help others in your community.

Our clients have shared their appreciation for the much needed food and the smiling and welcoming faces who help them when they come. Our volunteers say they leave refreshed even after a very hot, sweaty day of hauling bags of food. The hunger in our neighborhoods will not go away with the pandemic and the needs of those living on the edge will continue. We are an amazing place that fills a critical need and we continue to need you to do this important work. Come check us out when you can!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Terri Dougherty
Executive Director, Heights Interfaith Ministries

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There are many ways to give!

It’s impossible to list every individual, organization or group who has given to the Pantry in the last few months, but a few highlights include:
  • We’ve logged more than 6,200 volunteer hours to date! That’s almost our total for all of 2019, and on track to match total 2020 volunteer hours.  With our drive-through food distributions, we continue to need all the extra volunteers for sorting, bagging and distributing every week.
  • Volunteers helped with repairs to our donation box (Feed Frank), and worked some carpentry magic to make our ladder to the loft in our storage shed more stable.
  • With a return to more “normal” life and the availability of vaccines, we’ve seen calmer distributions and the numbers coming for food decrease a bit. Donations from individuals, surprise deliveries from Target, and excess product from area retailers help us provide more food to each family that comes.
  • Service projects collected hundreds of books and countless pounds of food for our families.
  • Volunteers manned two food fairs, serving close to 500 families fresh produce and other special items.
  • Community gardens flourished during the summer, and clients reaped the veggie rewards.
  • Financial contributions from community groups, neighbors and even the proceeds from a lemonade stand help us purchase needed supplies.
  • We hired our first Intern to help with our volunteers, social media, and pantry management. What a huge help!
  • Overall, we are providing our clients with more consistent, nutritious food because of your support.

Give when you shop

  • Kroger Community Rewards helps you easily give to those in need. Visit www.kroger.com and create or log in to your Kroger Plus account. Search for HEIGHTS INTERFAITH MINISTRIES FOOD PANTRY by name or number (NR183) and then click Enroll. 
  • Amazon Smile lets you give to the charity of your choice every time you shop. Visit smile.amazon.com and create or login to your Amazon account. Search for HEIGHTS INTERFAITH MINISTRIES, INC. and choose as your charity to support. Shop on Amazon at smile.amazon.com to give when you purchase.

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