Meet Pat German of the Senior Delivery Program

Pat German
Pat German has been volunteering all of her life, and she had been looking for a new volunteer opportunity in her community where she could have one-on-one involvement. She first noticed the pantry’s building with its distinctive fruit and veggie mural and eventually connected with Jennifer Moffett, who was leading the expanding Senior Delivery Program at the pantry. For more than two years now, Pat has been delivering nutritious frozen meals and fresh fruit weekly to seven seniors living in our area. “It’s a
lovely way to make a meaningful contribution to people’s lives that is direct,” she said. “You can’t do anything that’s more helpful than helping people who are hungry have something to eat.” In addition to the seniors she visits, Pat has connected with others who live in the apartment complex and helps them with day-to-day questions when she can. She relishes being a part of the extended community. She noted that her clients “know I’m there because I care about them, not because someone is paying me to be there or I’m there for any reason other than that I want to be there. I want to spend that time with them; I want to bring this food to them. And I think for them, and for me, that is a huge thing.”

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